Aschanska gården

Aschanska gården. Foto: Arkivbild Eksjö museum

When is someone in the family coming home? That’s the feeling you get when you walk around Aschanska Manor, a unique bourgeois home from the turn of the 20th century. The family, with tanner Leo Flix Aschan in the lead, came here in the 1830s. Three generations later, when the last family member died, there were no heirs. The manor was then taken over by a foundation, which opened it to visitors. And what a setting it is! Everything is untouched since the days of the Aschan family. Menus and recipes bespeak festive dinners. You can almost hear the quiet murmuring, piano music and the crackle of a fire in the tile stove. If you are in Eksjö in December, you can experience Aschanska Manor in Christmas garb, with the tree trimmed, the table laden with treats and a parlour maid serving mulled wine. Experience the original setting of a typical 19th century home of a wealthy merchant family. 

30 maj, 2014
Bild: Visar interiör på Vaxblekaregården. Foto: Lars Thunbjörk

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