At the tourist information centres, you will obtain all the help you need to make your visit a fantastic and memorable experience. Here you’ll find maps, information about guided tours and town walks, tips for activities and a lot more. We look forward to seeing you.

Eksjö turistbyrå
Österlånggatan 31, 575 80 Eksjö
Tel: +46 (0)381-36170

Hjo turistbyrå
Bangatan 1B, 544 33 Hjo
Tel: +46 (0)503-352 55

Nora turistbyrå
Järnvägsgatan 1, 713 31 Nora
Tel: +46 (0)587-811 20


30 maj, 2014
Bild: Visar interiör på Vaxblekaregården. Foto: Lars Thunbjörk

Eksjö, Hjo, Nora. Three small, wooden towns in Sweden that create a distinctive image for themselves with the most Swedish things we have – beautiful wooden buildings erected by skilled craftsmen from the 18th century onwards; buildings beautifully pai …