Europa Nostra

europanostraEuropa Nostra is Latin for “Our Europe”. It’s also the name of an umbrella organisation comprising more than 200 national associations from more or less all the countries in Europe. From modest beginnings, Europa Nostra has developed into a leading player within European cultural heritage issues.

Today, Europa Nostra is the main channel between different cultural heritage parties and large international organisations such as the EU, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. Read more about Europa Nostra »

All three wooden towns have been awarded prizes from Europa Nostra. In addition, Nora has been awarded Europa Nostra diplomas for individual sites – the Parish House (2002) and the Gyttorp community centre (2002).


“For the remarkable renovation of this important ensemble of traditional wooden buildings which has given new life to the old town centre.”

“For the noteworthy preservation of the wooden town which has conserved and maintained its distinctive character and charm.”

“For the successful undertaking of a long and complicated project preserving the town of Nora’s historical and cultural environment, including the wooden houses, industrial sites and the railroad to Pershyttan.”



30 maj, 2014
Bild: Visar interiör på Vaxblekaregården. Foto: Lars Thunbjörk

Eksjö, Hjo, Nora. Three small, wooden towns in Sweden that create a distinctive image for themselves with the most Swedish things we have – beautiful wooden buildings erected by skilled craftsmen from the 18th century onwards; buildings beautifully pai …