Hjo Town Park

Hjo stadspark


Relax in Hjo Town Park, the delightful setting that once was Hjo Vattenkuranstalt, a water sanatorium. At the end of the 19th century, Hjo was a popular health resort. In no other place in town is this as palpable as in and around the Town Park. This was the site of Hjo Vattenkuranstalt, a spa founded in 1876. It was a place for relaxation, interaction, recreation and a vibrant social life with music, dancing and soirées. Guests strolled in the park and played croquet or tennis, all framed by wonderful greenery, beautiful wooden villas and Lake Vättern. And even though the sanatorium no longer remains, all of the memories and impressions live on.

Bring along a picnic basket and stroll along the park’s winding walkways. Settle down on some of the lawns, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy something good to eat and drink. The large wooden villas remain, as do the bathing huts on the shore. The sanatorium’s heyday was around the turn of the 20th century. Today it is the Town Park that glitters in its splendour. What a pleasant day you are going to spend there!


30 maj, 2014
Bild: Visar interiör på Vaxblekaregården. Foto: Lars Thunbjörk

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