The wooden town in Bergslagen

The wooden town in Bergslagen

The town of Nora with its grid layout is characterised by the mining industry and was granted its town charter in the 17th century. You can go shopping in the small boutiques, visit the Göthlinska Gården museum and take the vintage railway to Pershyttan. Stroll along the lakeside walk and look out over Lake Norasjön. Experience what author Anna-Maria Lenngren so ingeniously described when writing about Nora, “Such a small town, such a lot of taste”. In terms of taste, treat yourself to some of the famous Nora ice cream, Noraglassen, freshly made every day since 1923. Nora offers visitors well-preserved wooden buildings, cobbled streets, houses that are distinctive of various periods in history, the beautiful square with its dazzlingly white church, old-fashioned shop signs and a wealth of details that reinforce the character of the town. And, hopefully, also your feeling of wellbeing. A feeling that makes you want to visit Nora again in the future.

Nora was awarded the Europa Nostra prize in 1993 “for the successful undertaking of a long and complicated project preserving the town of Nora’s historical and cultural environment, including the wooden houses, industrial sites and the railroad to Pershyttan.”

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23 april, 2020

None of the three wooden towns are alike. Eksjö, Hjo and Nora all have their own distinctive character, yet have a lot in common. They have all received the Europa Nostra Award for their work on preserving and maintaining their unique buildings and env …