Under the ridges


You get to see a lot on a tour of the town, but not everything. Inside many of the buildings are well-preserved ceiling and wall paintings. Heidemanska gården on Nygatan has unique rafter paintings and hand-painted linen wall hangings from the 17th century. The paintings are in both oil and distemper and probably the work of several different artists. Bergmanska gården (Carlos) at Stora Torget also has several majestic ceiling paintings and murals from the beginning of the 18th century. One of the larger ceiling paintings depicts the Glorification of Christ, another, the Roman goddess Ceres holding a cornucopia. Wine and beer used to be served in the cellar, which explains why the quarter is called Vinskänken, i.e. the wine house. There are many more pieces of art up walls and under ridges.

30 maj, 2014
Bild: Visar interiör på Vaxblekaregården. Foto: Lars Thunbjörk

Eksjö, Hjo, Nora. Three small, wooden towns in Sweden that create a distinctive image for themselves with the most Swedish things we have – beautiful wooden buildings erected by skilled craftsmen from the 18th century onwards; buildings beautifully pai …